8.00 – 9.00

Registration and morning coffee

Paweł Oksanowicz, TV and radio presenter

9.00 – 9.10

Opening and welcome

Mirosław Andziak
President & CEO of InfiniteDATA

Morning plenary session (Conference room: Opera Ballroom, second floor)

9.10 – 9.50

AI as a key change driver

Artificial Intelligence is being viewed as the key change agent in the way business will operate worldwide. Let look closer at what might happen and what is happing right now. Cybersecurity as a good example of how AI will change the rules of the game – due to automation in the detection and response.

Menny Berzilay, Tel-Aviv University
Watch the video from Menny Berzilay

9.50 -10.20

Retail as tech sector

The long- and short-term impact of automation on the retail sector. Why the way we sell and buy will be quite different from that what we know today ….

Cate Trotter, Insider Trends
Watch the video from Cate Trotter

10.20 – 10.35

Coffee break

10.35 – 10:55

Towards Democratized Automation
Automation is not only about cost reduction. It is about being capable of doing things beyond our traditional reach. Mirek will highlight the latest enterprise automation trends and will talk about how to achieve the highest levels of automation maturity in the enterprise environment.

Mirosław Andziak
President & CEO of InfiniteDATA

10:55 – 11:05

Global announcement of EMA Radar Report for Workload Automation 2019

Dan Twing, President and Chief Operating Officer of Enterprise Management Associates

11.05 -11.45

Panel discussion:

Evolution of Enterprise – how AI, automation and cognitive tools will shape the business 

We all know there is no Digital Transformation without Automation – but what are key factors here? What really stops enterprises to enter the automation journey? Are they aware of real benefits that are achievable today? Do they believe in the concept of digital citizenship and automation democratization in the enterprise? Are big organizations ready do approach and adapt AI tools? And finally – how might IT looks like in 10 years?



Oktawiusz Kacza, VP, Sabre Polska
Dan Twing, President and Chief Operating Officer of Enterprise Management Associates
Karol Mazurek, Managing Director, Accenture


Paweł Oksanowicz, TV and radio presenter

11.45 -12.00

Automation Excellence Awards 2019 Ceremony

12.00 – 12.20

Coffee break

12.20 – 14.00

Parallel tracks

Enterprise Automation and Orchestration

Automation of IT itself – how to conquer the increasing technological complexity and cost

Paweł Oksanowicz, TV and radio presenter

(Conference room: DonGiovanni, second floor)

12.20 – 12.50

Latest News on Enterprise Automation
The latest research study results on the enterprise automation market. Review of the software vendors in enterprise automation space. Latest the EMA Radar Report 2019 results brefing.

Dan Twing, President and Chief Operating Officer of Enterprise Management Associates

12.50 – 13.20

AutomateNOW! Roadmap update

Adam will provide the latest updates to AutomateNOW! platform roadmap. Will explain and share the vision for the platform for the next 3 years to come, InfiniteDATA Lab focus and priorities, and R&D initiatives.

Adam Kaczmarek, Chief Technology Officer, InfiniteDATA

13.20 – 13.40

Datawarehouse automation success story

The story of the automation project. Its origin, assumptions, implementation challenges and results. The case study that brings the perspective of 'Before' and 'After', experience sharing and valuable lessons learned.

Daniel Sosiński, Presales & Senior Architect, InfiniteDATA

13.40 – 14.00

Democratized Automation - Opportunities and Threats of digital citizenship approach to enterprise automation.

A discussion panel of experts in the Enterprise Automation field, that reveals the brights and shadows of democratized approach to enterprise automation. Panelists will discuss the automation maturity of the organizations and their impact on digital transformation strategies.

Ariel Kenneth Ampol, Customer Success Manager and PH Site Leader, InfiniteDATA
Pekka Barck, Asia Business Development Manager, InfiniteDATA
Łukasz Gliński, Technology Consulting Manager, Accenture

RPA and AI

Nothing will be the same – how cognitive tools and Robotic Process Automation will shape and change the way enterprises operate

Michalina Krupa, Accenture

(Conference room: Carmen, second floor)

12.20 – 12.50

How to effectively set up Target Operating Model for Intelligent Automation program

Let’s discuss challenges of: mapping key benefits against strategic goals, defining governance rules and the organizational design, creating pipeline qualification process, agreeing on delivery and service model, designing a scalable technical environment to support robot development.

Michalina Krupa, Intelligent Automation Manager, Accenture
Monika Jaroń, Head of Business Organization & Projects Department, UNIQA

12.50 – 13.20

Democratize process automation and the use of AI. The role of RPA in the IT toolset and the threat of the shadow IT

Aleksander Kania, Director, UiPath

13.20 – 13.40

Voicebot revolution in telecom’s customer care

Evolution of processes management in Enterprise – growing role of AI. What is MAX and why it is excellent example of how we can automate and simplify processes. Why we have chosen voicebot instead of chatbot (what is far more popular solution)? What is the easy part and what is the hard part if you have to deal with bots. Where are the boundaries of applicable AI today?

Remigiusz Franek, Director Customer Care Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence Development, Orange Poland
Marek Młyniec, Partner Technology Consulting Leader, PWC Advisory

13.40 – 14.00

Automation for the Speed of Change

All roads lead to automation for the modern enterprise, but there are hidden perils for the teams and businesses on the way.The ability to change fast while delivering high quality has become imperative for all businesses (small, medium, large). So, the question is not if testing will change, but how?

Read more

 In this presentation, Peter Szedlacek shines a light on the risks of automating at scale, and highlights the practices and technologies which help the best organizations mitigate them.

Join Peter as he share his insights on:

-The dark side of scaling Agile in the enterprise
-The roles that test automation plays in a broader enterprise automation roadmap
-Research on what quality practices and metrics separate DevOps leaders from laggards


Peter Szedlacek, Director of Alliances EMEA, Tricentis

Data & Cloud

In the deep ocean of data – what will the future analytics look like in the cloud and bigdata world

Michał Jaworski, Microsoft

(Conference room: LaBoheme, second floor)

12.20 – 12.50

Modern Data Infrastructure in a Hybrid, Heterogenous Enterprise Environment on Azure with Process Automation. Emotional Story.

Piotr Zając, Cloud Solutions Architect in Microsoft

12.50 – 13.20

The role of Cloud in an artificial intelligence with regard to smart claims

Maciej Skowroński, Intelligent Automation Capability and Delivery Lead, Accenture

13.20 – 13.40

Data Quality process automation in complex environments 


Konrad Mokrzański,  Presales Manger & Architect, Integral Solutions 

13.40 – 14.00

Snowflake the Data Warehouse built for the Cloud

Piotr Pietrzkiewicz, Sales Engineer, Snowflake

Workshops - Part 1

this is complimentary element of the Enterprise Automation Forum 2019 agenda – you have to register for workshops separately

1. Model-based Test Automation and yes, without programming!

Read more

Learn how model-based testing with Tosca enables manual testers to become automation specialists without having the need to become programmers. In addition, you’ll see why risk-based test coverage became the new metric to ensure successful deployment of application functionality. In this session, we’ll demonstrate the key capabilities of Tosca and how to integrate various testing practices in order to achieve the speed and agility required for confidence in every release.


Roman Zednik, Global Team Lead Solution Architects, Tricentis

(Conference room: Rubinstein, third floor)

2. AutomateNOW! - leveraging microservices architecture with JLupin

Marek Bodzan, Principal Architect,
Piotr Heilman, Software Developer, JLupin Software Studio

(Conference room: Chopin, third floor)

3. AutomateNOW! and SAS platform integration

Read more

During the workshop we will present existing capabilities and possible integration scenarios between AutomateNOW and SAS platform. SAS® Data Integration Studio is one of key elements of SAS platform commonly used when implementing data warehouses and analytical repositories. SAS DI Studio jobs can be embedded in processing flows of AutomateNOW using dedicated plugins which utilize SAS Metadata to control both definition and execution of those jobs. This allows for full and easy to maintain integration of analytical data processing with enterprise class workload automation solution.. The workshop will showcase simple case study of integration of both technologies deployed on public cloud infrastructure.


Piotr Florczyk, Data Engineer, SCS Expert

(Conference room: Paderewski, third floor)

14.00 -14.50

Lunch (Foyer, second floor)

14.50 – 16.20

Afternoon plenary session (Conference room: Opera Ballroom, second floor)

14.50 – 15.30

Change now!

What stops us from undergoing a change and what we can do about it? How to conquer fears, doubts and our inner resistance to change. Personal perspective.

Henri Hypponen, Creative Director, Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur

Watch the video from Henri Hypponen

15.30 – 16.20

Roundtable discussion session

Parallel roundtable discussions are the part of the conference that engages all participants. It serves several purposes. First of all, participants have the opportunity to exchange their opinions and experiences about a specific issue that is important to that group. Secondly, participants can meet and talk with the leader/host of the roundtable discussion – they are selected professionals with vast knowledge and experience.
There will be one session of discussions - every conference participant can take part in one discussion.

Among several proposed roundtable discussions:

Enterprise Automation and Orchestration
1. Opportunities and threats of democratized approach to automation?

Pekka Barck, Asia Business Development Manager, InfiniteDATA

2. How ITOps process automation will look like in 10 years from now?

Ariel Kenneth Ampol, Customer Success Manager and PH Site Leader, InfiniteDATA

3. What are the boundaries of AI adoption by Enterprise Automation platforms?

Grażyna Zyszczak, Business Development Executive, InfiniteDATA Services

RPA and AI
4. Common mistakes in RPA implementation project and how to avoid them? Pilot RPA projects – how to identify processes that should be automated?

Paweł Stanaszek, Business Support Solution S.A., Pelion Group

5. Who should be in charge of AI and RPA initiatives – IT or business?

Jakub Żmuda, Acting IT Director, PLL LOT

Data & Cloud



6. Clouds, robots, users and licences
How to navigate in the growing complexity of possible models of how digital services are being valued and priced – to choose the safe path in digital transformation journey, to save money and avoid litigations

Marcin Maruta, Senior Partner, Maruta Wachta Law Firm

7. Digital transformation into a sustainable, efficient organization.
At this expert table you will be equipped with best practice and insights how to build a sustainable, digital organization based on 5 important pillars: efficiency, simplicity, technology and digitalization/automation.

Michaela Caroline Jarisch, Executive Innovation & Business Development, A1 Telekom Austria

Workshops - Part 2

(this is complimentary element of the Enterprise Automation Forum 2019 agenda – you have to register for workshops separately)

1. From zero to Snowflake in 90 minutes

Piotr Pietrzkiewicz, Sales Engineer, Snowflake

(Conference room: Rubinstein, third floor)

2. AutomateNOW! sensors, monitors and infinite integration workshop

Krystian Stępień, Head of Consulting Practice, Solution Architect, InfiniteDATA

(Conference room: Chopin, third floor)

16.20 – 16.30

Closing and final remarks

Mirosław Andziak
President & CEO of InfiniteDATA

Participants of Enterprise Automation Forum will learn from real leaders and practitioners. This is a full-day conference - with great keynotes, intensive parallel tracks and valuable roundtable session.
More details soon.

Enterprise Automation Forum Report 2018

This report is one of the results of the Enterprise Automation Forum 2018.


26-30th of October 2020


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