Menny Barzilay

CTO of the Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center at the Tel-Aviv University

Menny Barzilay is an internationally known speaker and tech entrepreneur. Known as evangelist of innovation. He is a strategic adviser to leading enterprises around the world, as well as States and Governments in various field including cyber security, innovation and artificial intelligence (AI). He is co-founded several companies, including Cytactic, FortyTwo Global and FortyTwo Labs (R&D center India). Additionally, he is the CTO of the Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center at Tel-Aviv University. Menny sits in the advisory board of several startup companies including Cognigo, a disruptive Artificial Intelligence startup in the field data analytics and data classification. He is a former CISO in the intelligence services of the Israeli Defense Forces (Capt. Res.), and held several tech-related managerial positions in the largest Israeli banking group. Menny is a member of the International Cyber Conference organizers team and co-founded both the Israeli hacking challenge and B-SIDES TLV. Also leads an esteemed community of Israeli cyber security experts and he is a member of the ISACA Cyber Security Subcommittee.

Henri Hyppönen

Henri Hyppönen is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, TV host and creative director. He is the founder of several companies, including a production company, a research company, and most recently a company that creates AI based tools to understand humans.
Henri likes to challenge conventional thinking. He combines storytelling, scientific research, creative thinking and real-life examples to introduce new ways of thinking and help people see the surprising truth in a situation.
Henri has interviewed political leaders, media personalities and creative leaders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Welch, Will Smith, Jimmy Wales, Ed Catmull and Ricky Martin to understand their most important lessons in business and life.
He was awarded Speaker of the Year (Finland, 2013), The Best Comedy Show in Finland (Finland, 2014, 2015), Science Communication Award (Finland, 2015) and Radio Host of the Year (Finland, 2000).
His latest book, Why We Fear, helps us challenge and rethink the stories we tell ourselves about fear. He is currently working on his fifth book, a deep dive into the future of creative work, AI and the human mind.

Cate Trotter

Head of Trends at Insider Trends

I help large retailers innovate and create world-leading, profitable retail concepts.
Cate Trotter has helped top retailers brands to innovate and create world-leading retail ecosystems. Cate frequently works with CEOs of these companies. She is a very experienced speaker, regularly making keynote presentations worldwide. Cate’s experience of setting up two successful businesses in her twenties led to her being named a Future 100 and Startup 100 entrepreneur. LinkedIn named her one of the top 15 most listened to professionals in the UK.

Cate combines unique, powerful insights with solid data, presenting them in a no-nonsense way. She uses inspirational case studies to show how audiences can tap into these trends and get ahead. Cate’s presentations draw on her personal connections and interviews with retail innovators, as well as first-hand experience of the world’s best retail spaces. This enables her to develop fresh perspectives that challenge and enlighten audiences.


Mirosław Andziak

President & CEO, InfiniteDATA

Miroslaw is a Co-Founder and CEO of InfiniteDATA, an Data and Automation Company.

He is responsible for all aspects of managing the growth of the company: finding new business opportunities, engaging new customers, assure a world-class software product development, leading the group of amazing individuals, pioneering new approaches and developing business partnerships, but foremost he is devoted to bring value to customers with the approach of uncompromised automation.

Miroslaw co-founded InfiniteDATA in 2010 and joined the origination as CEO in 2015 from TERADATA – the worldwide leader of advanced analytic where he was a Country Executive responsible for Professional Services. Prior to Teradata, Miroslaw held multiple management positions in global departments of Hewlett-Packard and Procter&Gamble. He brings overall over 18 years of industry experience gathered in environments of FORTUNE 500 companies.

He holds a degree in Information Technology from Technical University of Gdańsk, Poland and Master from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Rouen, France.

Adam Kaczmarek

Chief Technology Officer, InfiniteDATA

Adam is a Co-Founder and CTO of InfiniteDATA, a Data and Automation Company. He represents 18 years of professional experience with Fortune 500 companies.
Adam is leading the efforts of InfiniteDATA Labs for ScheduleIN Workload Automation, a flagship software product of InfiniteDATA. He is responsible for all aspects of the product engineering, design, and development. Currently, Adam is devoted for delivery of 3rd generation of ScheduleIN Workload Automation platform, a foundation to InfiniteDATA domination of global WLA market.

Michalina Krupa

Intelligent Automation Manager at Accenture

Michalina is working for Accenture Management Consulting as Intelligent Automation Delivery Manager. She has extensive prior experience in identifying opportunities and driving business transformation projects through Intelligent Automation, process re-engineering, lean six sigma and analytics (100+ workshop sessions delivered). She leads and coordinates automation program for Clients from various industries – Insurance, Finance & Accounting, Banking, Compliance, HR, FMCG (120+ FTEs released within 100+ automations). She holds  a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Faculty of Management and Production Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology. She is moreover a certified Lean Six Sigma and Agile Practitioner.

Dan Twing

President and Chief Operating Officer of Enterprise Management Associates

As President and Chief Operating Officer of Enterprise Management Associates, Dan is responsible for developing and executing strategic market research, delivering value to IT organizations through consulting engagements, and directing product developments and marketing efforts. Dan joined EMA in 2005 and has over 30 years of experience in information systems, software development, and technology outsourcing. Dan focuses on all aspects of intelligent and automated management of IT
Prior to joining EMA, Dan was the president & CEO of NETdelivery, a company that develops secure electronic data collection, delivery, and management software for Fortune 1000, financial, and government markets.


Paweł Oksanowicz

radio and television journalist, moderator, author and editor of texts

Over 20 years of experience in the Polish mass media – radio, television and internet.

Highly experienced and successful in effective information management, creating and launching new TV programs, providing live television and radio interviews, managing relations with market leaders - FMCG, Financial, Energy and Automotive Industries.
Proven writing skills enable quick creation of eye catching marketing messages or info material. Persuasive and relationship management talents guarantee reaching the diverse audience.
Professional background is helping me in sharing and transferring knowledge to my students in three Polish Universities during author courses in the field of advertising, marketing and business.


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