The Advisory Board meeting
20 Wrzesień, 2018

On 14th of September, we had a pleasure to host a special meeting of the Enterprise Automation Forum 2018 conference Advisory Board. In a very nice venue of Concept 13 restaurant in Vitkac Store in Warsaw, we discussed status preparations for the upcoming conference. One of the important points in our agenda was to suggest topics we will all discuss during the afternoon roundtable sessions.

Topics agreed:

  • Potential of AI and Machine Learning solutions in business process automation.
  • Influence of automation and RPA on employee satisfaction. Etic and moral aspects of automation adoption.
  • Data processing challenges in automation.
  • Challenges of automation of IT operations. Trends in Workload Automation development.
  • Successful RPA? How to calculate TCO while constant changes in business processes reflect a dynamic environment? Who can benefit the most: marketing, sales, HR, logistics?
  • Where to start automation? Which model to adopt, going big centrally or start small but locally? The democratization of IT vs. Automation.
  • Automation in the cloud – why License Manager instead of Database Admin.
  • Robotic Customer communication – what really works and what is just “nice to have” gadget?
  • Is this the momentum for Advance Analytics Automation?
  • My data, their tools – how to deal with automation startups?

There is still a chance for all participants to submit additional topics related to the main conference areas of interest. Especially, for this reason, we have opened a public conversation on our social media channels: visit LinkedIn or Facebook and take part.

What is more, three the most interesting proposition will be rewarded with a great book titled:

The Executive Guide to Artificial Intelligence: How to identify and implement applications for AI in your organization by Andrew Burgess – check here.

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